Be careful on groups or company that offers investments

Be careful on groups or company that offers investments

I may need to write now about giving warning on investing. There are a certain company or group that sells shares or investments.

I will be specifically talking about companies that are NOT listed on the Philippine Stock Market.

There are a lot of people who sent me direct messages about a certain group. I am being asked by my readers and followers as the said group is getting investors  and also created a directory lists.

I will be writing here strategies on how to do due diligence and avoid getting scammed by these con artists..

Beware of Scams

HOW TO DO DUE DILIGENCE on a private company that sell shares and gets investors

FYI: Private company is a company that is not listed on the Philippine Stock Market

I’d like to clarify that this is my own list and opinion on making due diligence.

Do due diligence and check out the ways below.

1) Ask for a copy of the Company documents such as SEC registration. Double check on SEC if the company is legit and can sell investments.

2) Ask the company prospectus that includes everything about the company. You want to know the owners, incorporators  and the shareholders

3) Ask for the company’s Financial Statement or Financial Report for the last quarter at least.  This is very important to see if the company is earning money or losing money.

You don’t want to invest in something that will not give you return. you don’t want to invest your hard earned money to a losing company.

4) Interview the shareholders or investors whether current or past ones. Identify whether they have a good experience with the company and able to get good returns on their investment.

5) Ask the Company why are they looking for new investors. Ask clearly ask the rate of returns.  Again this is important. An investment is something that will give you profit.. Remember this.

protect your money


If you are having a hard time getting all the things you need  to the company, I suggest don’t invest money at all. If you are having problems right now doing due diligence, what more will you expect after you invested your hard earned money to that company?

Sadly, I have a friend who invested 6 digits on a company for few years already, never received any dividends at all.

Worst is, he is not receiving any updates from the Company and he wants to pull out his investments but only being ignored by the CEO multiple times already.


I am writing this to give warning to everyone. If you want a safe investment better consider investing on the following:

Stock Market Investing

Mutual Funds: What Are They?

How to invest in UITF or Unit Investment Trust Funds?

I wrote this article not to stop you from investing,  I am a personal finance and investment advocate however I don’t want you to lose your hard earned money to con artists. Do due diligence and protect your money.

Be careful on groups or company that offers investments

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