OFW Engineer terminated from work (Are you prepared to return to Pinas?)

OFW Engineer terminated from work

Are you prepared to return to Pinas?

The salary of a regular wager OFW in Singapore is huge!
Even with the expensive cost of living, One can still buy an iPhone, iPad and Designer clothes.

For Singapore, sale happens every 3 months, there is always like the ‘Last day Sale’ on malls and of course the yearly Great Singapore Sale and the IT Shows.

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You can buy GSHOCK watch every month at gawin mong collection, Correct?
Sa laki ng sweldo ng OFW lalo sa Singapore we can buy almost anything we want.

I know a person who buys things that he can’t afford but still buy a lot of stuffs. How? by using Credit card or “call a friend” (uutang nlng pag wala ng pera sa friend). ( read my post regarding Too many people spend money they haven’t earned , to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like – Will SMith)

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During my first year in Singapore I bought a lot of things and travel a lot too. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam even Japan and Korea. Halos mapuno na ng stamp ang passport kaka-overseas. Daling puntahan at laki ng palit ng SingDollars e.

I splurge a lot. my motto before?

work hard, party harder!”

So during my day off, I tend to go shopping spree (dami kong relo!) and buying online deals. I don’t know yet investing and I just live by the day, no long term plans at all.

Padating plang ang salary ko, I know na where my money will go.

Last week, My friend “Jessy” shared with me about her officemate Kathy who just came from 2months Maternity leave.

Kathy is an Engineer and has been working in Singapore for 4 years already.
Her Manager called her the moment she walked in the office and was advised that her service to the company was no longer needed.

In short, terminated siya just like that.

You see, This is not something new in Singapore.

For the past 4 years, the government has been decreasing the number of foreign workers.

The question now is, If your SPASS, EPASS or Work pass was rejected or not renewed.

Are you prepared to return to Pinas?

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How many years have you’ve been working as an OFW na ba?

Do you have enough savings already for working abroad for several years?

Na-attain mo na ba ang goal mo as OFW?

Do you still remember your reason on why you decided to leave your family, parents and loved ones when you decided to become an OFW?

Or ipinangbili mo lng ng mga wantss mo like gadgets at other things that makes you feel good temporarily?

If you want to know more real life stories of OFW’s you can check on my last blog post OFW Stories part 1: Have you tried spending P200,000 in a day? , subscribe now to my blog www.NolanLazaro.com and feel free to share and comment below.

Are you maluho? Share your thoughts with me!

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