Hi, I’m Nolan Lazaro

I’m a former OFW.

and now owns different businesses. I am Personal Finance Advocate Blogger and do talks to Schools and Companies about investments, entrepreneurship and finance.

Like you, I know the hardships and battles of being an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). I’ve been one; I worked In Saudi Arabia as an IT guy and in Singapore for countless years.

I have not spent the holidays in the Philippines with my family for many years.


Like you, I’m battling to become better and trying to make a living overseas by working hard/ smart. I work a lot for my family and to reach my dreams faster.

I write about the struggle that we all face as an OFWs.


I want to help my kababayans and—to how improving our finances and to know about investments and financial literacy can help us achieve what we want faster.

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