Be Careful Who You Listen To

Be Careful Who You Listen To 

I’ll be writing today my thoughts regarding taking mentorships and buying someone else’s advice. It’s getting alarming already. I have seen many “self proclaimed gurus and influencers” give advice. The worst part, they sell products, courses, giving talks, mentorship and writing articles about their so called expertise.

I have seen a colleague who only opened a Starter Account worth P5,000 with COLfinancial (a stock market brokerage) suddenly giving Stock Market Advices like he’s an expert already. I have seen people who don’t understand What a Mutual Fund, UITF, can’t even define the difference of Assets and Liabilities and claims to be a Financial Literacy Advocate.

This is alarming since a lot of Filipinos are willing to spend on mentorship and courses, but gets it from fake Gurus.

See the post below by Alex Turnbull

“I find it battling to see influencers on Twitter talking about startup growth when they’ve never started a company. Please stop.”

How can you give business advice when you have not even created your own company?  I believe in the saying “You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have” How can you teach personal finance when you are not good at managing your own finances?

You don’t want to get health advices from a carpenter right?

You don’t want to consult on building your house to a doctor as well? Same with money, If you want to be rich, you don’t get advices from people who are not rich.

I hope I made my point here.

There is so called The Social Media Effect: Are You Really Who You Portray Online? The question we have to ask ourselves is: Are these influencers/gurus really presents who they are or are they presenting a hyper-idealistic version of themselves?

BOTTOMLINE: We all want to learn fast and we invest in ourselves, but Be vigilant and do due diligence before taking mentorship, buying courses online. Stay away from the great Pretenders.

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