Critical Wallet Day at #PetsaDePeligro

I know Critical Working Days, usually this is the term na we use sa corporate world but when I heard Critical Wallet Day nawala antok ko. lols

I then posted a status on my FB wall

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.02.01 PM

One of my friend left a comment


#KapagPetsaDePeligro lahat ng tao sa office, biglang naka “diet” HAHAHA


I’m amazed hearing Critical Wallet Days or Petse De Peligro

Apparently is A state of loss in finances prior to salary day.

This is the time din na “Diet” ang mga tao kasi wala na ding pambili ng food.

Mdmi pa pala tong alternative

aside from Petsa de Peligro at Critical Wallet Day may Poorita Mirasol pa..


When in this state..eto na ang alternative solution..

Instead of Starbucks e 3in1 Coffee muna


Instead of KFC e Jollijeep fried Chicken muna or KFC – Kanto Fried Chicken


Instead of riding Uber, Taxi e tiis-tiis muna sa Bus and Jeep

I browsed Facebook some more and saw a post regarding SALE, SEASONAL CLEARANCE
This is what I saw..


Eto pa!

I survived Critical Wallet day! haha


I can’t stop laughing reading some of the comments but then I realized something is really wrong about this…quite a number of people posted na they want to buy pero wala silang money.

They think of what to buy bago pa lang dumating ang sweldo.

Nka-budget na sa gastos bago pa lang dumating ang sahod.


Instant Gratification instead of Lasting Gratification




Work Hard, Party Harder


Paycheck to paycheck


When are we going to think of Long Term?

Or do things that will make us out of the Rat race?

When are we going to learn investments and financial vehicles…?


Do we really want paycheck to paycheck na lang palagi?

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