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Will you lend your friend money, if? I attended a party last week and a "friend" approached me and asked "Nasaan ka last week?" I'm A bit surprised by the question, but I answered anyway "I was probably working"

Hi!  Free Pooled Funds ebook by my friend Rex Holgado is now available for download. An ebook made to enlighten millions of Filipinos worldwide on the power of compounded interest and how it works through investing in pooled funds such as mutual funds, UITF and ETF.

I have met a lot of individual who are very interested in investing. However, they procastinate and find it hard to start. One of the most common reason why people are not investing is “I don’t have enough money”.

Hi Guys, Alfie here! Let us break some ice now. Did you know the true importance of having emergency funds? I guess not all knows the importance of this fund. I say, this is very important one. And I am serious! Why? because I learned it based on experience!

What is Financial Independence? According to Wikipedia, “Financial independence is a term generally used to describe the state of having sufficient personal wealth to live indefinitely without having to work actively for basic necessities”. Either we gather enough assets to sustain our expenses or generate a passive income that is able to support our chosen lifestyle.

Narinig mo na ba ito? 'Di bali nang mahirap, masaya naman! I heard it so many times ..and mostly, I really want to ask them: Bakit, hndi ba pwedeng Mayaman na, Masaya pa? at bakit, lahat ba nang mahirap masaya?

I received few facebook messages from a friend a few weeks ago regarding my previous article UTANG Chronicles Part 1 (How to assess whether you will lend people money)  Asking for advise on how to approach his friend na pinahiram nya ng money a year ago.