How Important is Emergency Fund?

Hi Guys, Alfie here!

Let us break some ice now.
Did you know the true importance of having emergency funds?
I guess not all knows the importance of this fund. I say, this is very important one.

And I am serious! Why? because I learned it based on experience!

Have you experienced the following:

  • Job loss
  • Emergency or hospitalization in your family?

That you did not expect any of these to happen and that you have no money to support any of these events?

Now, I am hearing you. Yes, same here. It is so important that you set aside some part of your earnings for emergency funds.

There are events in our life that we are not in control.

Better to be ready financially rather than regretting.


I wrote this one based on my actual experience. Yes, no kidding! I want to let you know that you don’t have to commit the same mistake I did.

Please learn from my experience.

They say, “Experience is the best teacher.”

But I made a revision,

” Learning from other people’s experiences is the best teacher.”

Better? Right!

So make time to read this one , the importance of emergency funds.

I am sure you will learn something.

Don’t let it happen the way I did.

Love your family by building your solid emergency funds.

Be serious on this.

Why I am doing this? I am serious about financial education and the best way to educate is to share it.

You too can start right away, that is developing your financial plan and action.

You can start small and dream big.



Ms. Alfie Abiabi is CPA- Certified Public Accountant, a Financial Educator, a Virtual Professional and a Blogger. You can check her on her blog  Truly Rich Pinay

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  • Billy
    Posted at 22:51h, 21 July Reply

    Great insights Alfie! “love your family by building your solid emergency fund” is really inspiring. Just to add, I also made an article entitled The ABC of Emergency Fund. This might help others especially fellow beginners in building their emergency fund. See it here:

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