How to Invest and Mine on Bitcoin

How to Invest and Mine on Bitcoin

My friend ate Wilma shared with me her Blog article regarding Bitcoin and I suddenly find myself jumping in and reactivating my interest on Cryptos. Kindly check my friends’ post here: Why we INVEST in BITCOIN?

I decided to make this tutorial  and make it straightforward after months of research & asking a lot of people regarding BTC.

I want to make it easy and I will be teaching you on how to invest in Bitcoin Step by Step – the Easy way in the Philippines setting and as a Bonus, I will also teach you how to set up your mine not only for Bitcoin but also for Dodgecoin and Litecoin!

Get your computers and cellphones ready and follow the instructions below!

Step 1: Sign up a Coins account by clicking on this LINK.

Verify your Coins account up to level 2 (This is very important as you will not be able to withdraw your money form Bitcoin if you are not Level 2 verified). You need government issued IDs such as SSS, Passport etc

After doing level 2 verification, you can cash-in money to your “Coins Account” thru 7/eleven, Lhuillier and thru online banking and can straight convert your PHP to Bitcoin

For security reasons. You need 2 email addresses for this tutorial. Use email address #1 only for your Coins account then use email address #2 for Steps 2 and 3.


Step 2: Set up a wallet to store your Bitcoins

Set up an account here:

Step 3: Set up your Mine to get free Bitcoin, Dodgecoin or Litecoin (register on all the mines below)

a) set up an account on MoonBit (you can claim free satoshi every 5 minutes!)

b)Set up an account on Freebitcoin (you can claim free satoshi every 1 hour)

c)Set up an account on Moondoge to get free Dodgecoin every 5 minutes

d)Set up an accounnt on Bonusbitcoin

e) Sign up an account on MoonLitecoin to get free Litecoins!

Never mind the jargon, You’ll be able to adjust to it just read all the instructions and sign up!

Note: Virtual currencies are very volatile. Study before invest. Invest at your own risk. 
For your safety, before registering any site for coins, you please check They compile websites that propagates  BITCOIN SCAMS. 


Thanks to the following people for teaching me regarding bitcoins and cryptos: my friend Wilma Lapuz, Val Enson, Carlo Angelo Cojuangco and Angeline Viray.

Join facebook groups such as Bitcoin PH and Cryptocurrency Philippines

Remember to not give your BTC account username and password, API to anyone! never!

Now Invest for the longterm and diversify, thank me years from now!

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