How to tell if somebody is a hardcore tsupitero

I have been investing in the Stock Market for like 3 years already. I’m a seminar junkie and became a bookworm because of my motivation to learn investing and financial literacy. I’m also a member of a lot of groups regarding investing.

Humor plays an important role when you’re Trading especially during bloodbath times. It’s those times when you see a lot of paper losses in your Tsupit potfolio.

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Let us go thru the list on how to How to tell if somebody is a hardcore tsupitero by Jethro Trogo

1. Buys christmas decors in January, school supplies in july, and pan de sal in the evening. (Cheap buying seasons daw kasi)

2. Has an unhealthy level of obsession with corny puns and stupid acronym jokes.

3. His mood is directly correlated to the performance of the local market index.

4. Hates bears of all kinds. Whenever he hears the word “bear” sumasakit ang kanyang bulsa.

5. But loves bulls, including but not limited to, Chicago Bulls, Red Bull, and Soup Number 5.

6. Crush si April Lee-Tan. (sya ang super babe ng Investors and tsupiteros)

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7. Never admits he’s wrong. He just turns from a tsupitero into an “investor”.

8. Tends to become a sage with so many advices after the market turns sour.

9. Goes from ridiculously rich to sa-kalye-matutulog broke and back again in a matter of days.

10. Hindi makausap from 930-12 and 130-330. Unless holiday o weekend.

11. Looks at a crack on a wall in his house and somehow tries to find a bullish/bearish pattern instead of fixing it.

12. Pag bumibili sya sa palenke, naglalapag lang sya ng pera sa harap ng tindera at hinahantay nyang magbenta yung ale kasi buyer’s market naman daw.

13. Crush nya talaga si April Lee-Tan. Nasabi ko na ba yon?

14. Member sya ng at least 4 na facebook groups, 3 message board, 2 mailing group na puro stocks lang ang pinaguusapan.

15. Wala syang anak kasi sinsasabi nya “I always pull out just before the climax.”

16. Binasa nya yung list na to tapos sabi “Ayos ah. Pero parang kulang.”

Jethro Trogo is a very active member of Tsupitero facebook group.

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By the way, this post is for fun only, we all need humor especially when you see Red’s on your portfolio 😀

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    I definitely agree on item #6. hehehe

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