How To Trade in the Stock Market using SWAG

How To Trade in the Stock Market using SWAG

I have been trading in the Stock Market for years now but till now alot of people are confused with trading. Most people thought that trading is really the same with gambling.

They associate gambling with Trade because they thought that you can guess lang with trading. But no, trading is a science. There are a lot of methodologies, chart reading, technical indicators that you need to understand or what they call as Technical Analysis to be able to manage risk when one trade in the Stock Market.


Do you use TA or the Tanong Analysis?

It only becomes gambling when you do the “TA” Tanong Analysis, Hulanalysis (Hula Analysis) and FA “Facebook Analysis”


I attended conferences and training in the Philippines and in Singapore to learn trading. I spent time reading books about trading. The higher the risk the higher the return.

I can say that trading is worth it!  It’s not easy because if it is easy then everyone’s a Millionaire already trading!

95% of people lose money Trading in the Stock Market

I typed that correctly. 95% of people lose money trading in the Stock Market! Imagine the 5% who are successful traders. Sila ang mga alamat! mga Bihasa!


I’m lucky that I know someone who’s part of the 5% of Successful Full time Traders!

His name is Jared Odulio of Soul Of The Market, a Certified Securities Representative (Licensed Stock Broker) and has been trading Full time for about 8 years now. He discovered and shared the SWAG trading system

SWAG stands for Simple aWesome And Great. SWAG trading System is used by Soul of the Market to trade profitably in the Stock Market. Have to confess, trading has never been so easy when I learned about SWAG.

I was able to save time analyzing  my trade.

So I invited the SWAGGER, Jared Odulio to do FB live with us on TGFI


We do FB live at TGFI every Thursdays for free to teach people about anything under the sun, from Investments, Inspirational, Mindset, Attitudes etc.

That has been our advocacy in TGFI started by our CEO & Founder Floi Wycoco

To share wisdom, give back to the community and teach people on becoming wealthy.

Watch the FB live of TGFI with Jared Odulio!

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What are your thoughts regarding SWAG?

Isn’t it Easy? Do you intend to use SWAG System to trade in the Stock Market?

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