Invest na now? Bukas na lang!

Invest na now? Bukas na lang!

More than 5 years ago, I remember doing a Video Marathon sa office sa Singapore 😀

My friend, Gaya kc recommended me to watch Pesos and Sense by Aya Laraya. I got curious sa Investing and since wala kasing work that time, kaya nag headset ako and watched it. and that was the turning point..


I already read hundreds of books and bought a lot of training packages

Till now, I am still attending a lot of paid Seminars. I even listen to audiobooks, podcasts about investing, personal development, anything that will make me valuable.

I followed the advice of Aya Laraya -ARAL MUNA BAGO INVEST


Me with Aya Laraya a year ago


NOW, A lot of people right now are asking,

Invest na now? Bukas na lang kaya!

Does investing early really pay off?

When is the best time to invest?

Watch this video of Pesos And Sense Now and learn why today is the best time to invest!

Don’t waste time! Start and Invest now!

Learn from the story of Ping and Pong!Message me or comment below if you have any questions

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