Investing in the Stock Market with Aya Laraya

I still freshly remember the  time when I had zero knowledge in investing particularly in the Stock Market. I started doing research, attending seminars and reading books then I stumbled a group of people with same interest in Singapore called The Global Filipino Investors TGFI. Learning becomes easy, I learned stuffs about financials and investing so fast and we now do talks to schools, companies and group of people who wants to be financially free.

As the IT Director of TGFI, we are making it easy for people to learn stuff and people now can watch on-demand webinars and trainings about Entrep, Business, Personal Finance and Investing.

Today, TGFI has over 75,000 members (and growing) and has formed communities in more than 10 countries. Barely 1% of the total population, the journey for a financially literate Philippines is just beginning.

Communities have been formed in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Brunei, Greece, Australia, Manila, Cebu, to name a few. TGFI’s methods and advocacy gained the recognition of multiple business and financial organizations like COL Financial, different Philippine Embassies, AFFI, Money Summit, as well as media groups in the Philippines like ANC – On the Money and CNN Philippines.


I’d like to share a webinar  called Investing in the Stock Market with Aya Laraya

This is for people who are interested to learn about stock market, feel free to watch by clicking the play button below

Wecad by TGFI: Investing in the Stock Market with Aya Laraya

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