Investment Scam ruined the life of an OFW

Investment Scam ruined the life of an OFW | I met an OFW during a talk who lost his retirement savings because of a scam. I have been doing talks regarding investing- making your money grow, finance, entrepreneurship, from basic to advanced topics to companies and universities for almost 5 years now.

One of the topics that I like to discuss is “How to avoid scams in the local and international perspective”

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the question

Do you have an open mind? or

“Open minded ka ba?”

I really hate that question to be honest. Gasgas na gasgas na masyado and I find it irritating whenever someone ask me that  or even see it being asked on facebook. Plus there will be someone posting a selfie with Checks or the Pamaypay na na pera or their brand new sports car.

or whenever they post a picture of them with a lot of money…

“Piso Mo gawin nating Pamaypay”


They even tarnished the word “power” using it to lure a victim and make them believe that they can be instant millionaires!

Scammers favourite targets are the OFWs and people with zero understanding how money works. There is a lot of Investment Scam that ruined the lives of OFWs and their families.

Key is you have to know how to identify LEGIT investments vs a SCAM.

People need to be aware on how to avoid Scam, If you want To learn more about Investment scams and how to avoid it CLICK HERE.

I discussed there how in determining red flags and how to easily spot a scam.

Below are the some of the infamous scams/scammers that broke the dreams of many OFWs and their families:

One Lighting

HPI founder Danilo Dela Cruz, Scammer




Filipinos lost 80 Billion Pesos in scam from 1994 to 2012 alone….!

If you have spotted a scam, you can go and report it to the authorities such as the SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission or comment on this article and I’ll give you a hand in reporting the scam.

Are you familiar with the scams that I posted above?

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I am not in anyway against MLMs or networking- there are a lot of SCAMS disguising as MLMs however there are also a lot of valid and legit MLMs out there…

You have to know how to identify a scam vs legit investments…

Read this article Investment scams and how to avoid it

There are a lot of ways on how to multiply your money and give you passive income streams. You just have to understand the rule of money.

Understand and study the stock market, Unit Investment Trust Funds, Mutual Funds, Cryptocurrency, Entrepreneurship and others..



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