Mayaman ba talaga pag Ma-Gadget?

Mayaman ba talaga pag Ma-Gadget?

I rode jeepney last week heading to a mall in Mandaluyong when I heard a teenager seated beside me said “ang ganda nung ipad nung kanina,mayaman cgurado un”

While someone said “Pa-iPad iPad pa sa Jeep, maholdap pa yun sa Kayabangan nya”

I did see the girl alighted a few minutes ago and I asked myself “Bakit nga ba mayaman ang naisip agad nung teenager ng nakita ang ipad, while yung isa, nayabangan?”

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.03.42 PM

Maybe the teenager wonders on what’s the need to use her ipad on a Jeepney. Is it really necessary for her to use a tablet on a public transport? Sending a text message is ok but using iPad on a jeepney? While the other one, Insecure lang?

For me, Hindi naman mayabang or mayaman, May reason siya on why she needs to use a tablet on a jeep perl it’s none na of our business

Filipinos are very fond of Top of the line gadgets.

I know iPad’s aren’t cheap that’s why the teenager seated beside me instantly said “mayaman cguro un girl sa jeep kc nka ipad”

I mostly see people i using top of the line cellphones. Don’t get me wrong, nothings wrong with buying top of the line gadgets at all specially if you can afford it.

My only point is that they are already having a hard time feeding themselves and their family yet still prefer buying high ends gadgets.

As the saying goes

Poor people invest on Entertainment, Rich People invest n Education

See the picture below:

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.19.39 PM

Being Rich is not having all those top of the line gadgets; it’s not about having luxury watch or wearing expensive clothes.

If they only know how to manage money..


1) iPad air 32GB with 24 months contract

iPad Air 32 GB
Initial payment of P5,000
P1, 699 per month for 24 months   = P 40, 776
Total cost: P 45, 776

2) However, If they put their money on an investment vehicle that can give them 12% compound interest and left it there for 5years

Investment vehicle
12% compound Interest
Total Investment P 45,776
Left the money in 5 years

Your P 45,776, will be P80,673 in 5 years by only leaving your money in an investment vehicle which can give you 12% compound interest.

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Now, how much do you think their ipad costs after 5years? Can they re-sell it and nag-appreciate ba value? Malamang sira na un in 5 years and can be used as paper weight nalang.

Why don’t you invest your money instead of buying unnecessary things?

By the way, I wrote this article not to humiliate anyone.  I just want  to highlight t  buying assets first than liabilities, living below your means and the importance of Investing.

Lastly, Sabi nga ng friend ko:

Don’t tell me wala kang pera? Pero may pang iPad ka? tapos pag wala ka nang pera by end of the month sabay mangungutang ka?

Don’t tell me wala kang pera? Pero may

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like”
Will Smith

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  • Ma. Christina Tria
    Posted at 21:33h, 15 September Reply

    I want to learn more on how to manage my finances.

    • nolanray
      Posted at 21:39h, 15 September Reply

      Hi Ma. Christina!
      Welcome to Super OFW Investor!
      We are very happy to share knowledge and educate kababayans regarding managing finances and finacial literacy.
      You can subscribe by leaving your email address and confirm it via email to receive updates from us.
      Feel free to comment if you have any questions regarding articles posted and our team will be very happy to answer your queries.

      To Financial Freedom!

  • Michelle
    Posted at 23:07h, 15 September Reply

    hello po! im an OFW and also a newbie with regards to investing…hndi p po ganun ka thorough ung knowledge ko when it comes to stock market habang ngse2arch po ako online i came accross an article about Value Averaging method, another easy strategy and is nearly compared to peso cost averaging method…natry nio n po ba itong method n toh? is it really better than the cost averaging method when it comes to returns?

    • nolanray
      Posted at 23:32h, 15 September Reply

      Hi Michelle!
      Welcome to Super OFW Investor!
      We named this blog Super OFW Investor because we believe all OFW’s are super heroes:)

      Congratulations on taking the first step! Don’t stop learning.
      With regards to your question,
      Dollar Cost Averaging or sa pinas we call it Peso Cost Averaging is one of the easiest and one the most effective strategy for long term investing in the Stock Market. Remember this, strategy is very important when investing in the stock market.
      The common strategy for Investors in the Philippines is PCA (Peso Cost Averaging), SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) and the widely used Value Investing – this needs a bit of knowledge with the Fundamentals.
      I used PCA, SAM and i’m still using Value investing till now.

      There area lot of things you must know before investing in the stock market, you can always ask us here for any follow up questions and subscribe snd enter your email address to receive updates from us. Okay?

  • Michelle
    Posted at 00:38h, 16 September Reply

    thank you po for your quick response. I’m familiar with the peso cost there any article in this blog about SAM or the Value Investing po? I can’t seem to find any other articles regarding these matters na na-explain ng maayos..mostly kc ung peso cost averaging ang ndidiscuss. In your own experience po which strategy is better? Im grateful n my mga taong handang tumulong s mga OFW n gus2ng mgstart mginvest kagaya ko. keep it up!

    • nolanray
      Posted at 10:11h, 16 September Reply

      hi Michelle!
      You may like us on facebook and we’ll tag you once we have an article regarding the strategies posted above.
      Actually all those strategies are very effective. value investing is a strategy being used by the most wealthiest and legendary investor Warren buffet. Ypu can read the book the intelligent investor by benjamin graham.
      That book is one of the best investing book ever written as described by warren buffet.

      strategic avering method is being used by bo sanchez’ truly rich club.

      For now, i may suggest also to consider investing in uitf or mutual funds firts while you are learning the strategies of the stock market. Then when you are comfortable to use atleast one strategy then from there you can open a stock market account.
      By the way, i have uitf/mf and stock market account 🙂

      Time is your friend regarding investing. And the perfect time to invest is now 🙂

      Pls message us if you have any questions regarding finace and investments.
      My advocacy is to help my kababayans become financialy free and turn them to become investors. 🙂

  • Ana
    Posted at 05:16h, 17 September Reply

    Hindi po siya mayaman. Hindi din siya mayabang. Ang mayaman po kasi hindi commuter. Hindi na din luxury gadget ang ipad ngayon. Usually sa mga students, necessity na siya. I think we should further define the word “mayaman”. It actually depends sa status ng nagdedefine. Any way, wala pa kong nameet na kahit very well off sila, nagclaim sila na mayaman sila. Neither it is that it’s about investing. Investors are “nagpapayaman pa lang” or “nagpapayaman pa lalo”.

    • nolanray
      Posted at 13:38h, 17 September Reply

      Dear Ana, Thanks for the your comment.
      Like I mentioned in the article, our intention is really not to humiliate the girl, We don’t know her personally. we don’t know her reason why she has to use ipad on jeepney -bka emergency ang reason nya. We’re not judging anyone, we just want to higlight the lesson we can learn from buying liabilities first before assets, living below your means, importance of Investing and lastly her safety from using high end gadgets specially sa public transport sa Pinas.

      Most of the Filipinos “Live like a king. Die like a rat.”
      —Almer Saramosing

  • gmm1969
    Posted at 01:44h, 06 December Reply

    Hi..I really like to start investing in stock market while im here abroad; but I don’t how and where to start. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

    • nolanray
      Posted at 02:42h, 06 December Reply

      Hi! Congratulations, you will now be part of the less than 1% of the Filipino population that are investing. I did type that correctly, only less than 1% of the Filipino population currently invest.
      As early as now welcome to the Investing community 🙂

      But before I recommend you to invest in the Philippine Stock Market. I recommend you to subscribe to this blog to always receive emails from us and Like the Super OFW Investor facebook page where you will learn the mindset of an investor and for you to learn different investing vehicles that are perfect for OFWs. This blog is dedicated to all OFWs. I opened my stock market investment while I am working abroad many years ago.
      Please send me an email or a message on the facebook page of the Super OFW Investor so I can guide you on how you can start investing in the stock market!

  • Alma
    Posted at 14:44h, 07 December Reply

    hi gusto ko pong maginvest at paano po magsimula habang andito pa ako abroad

    • nolanray
      Posted at 20:28h, 07 December Reply

      Hi Alma!
      You can invest while abroad, I started investing while working overseas. I need to ask questions and need to know if you have the requirements, pls send email to me email and also like the SUPER OFW INVESTOR facebook page, Also subscribe to this blog to receive emails from me.
      I then can know your situation so you can start investing.

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