I have been investing in the Stock Market for like 3 years already. I’m a seminar junkie and became a bookworm because of my motivation to learn investing and financial literacy. I'm also a member of a lot of groups regarding investing. Humor plays an important role when you're Trading especially during bloodbath times. It’s those times when you see a lot of paper losses in your Tsupit potfolio.

Joketime lang muna. Updated terminologies para sa mga newbies. v1.01 by Jethro Trogo PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) Terms for Newbies:
  • Technical Analysis – Kumuha ka ng sampung bulag tapos pagbasahin mo sila ng dyaryo at tanungin mo kung anong nangyayari sa bansa natin gayon. Parang ganun.
  • Fundamental Analysis – Analysis na ginagamit lang pag nakabili ka na ng marami dahil sa excitement at kinakabahan na baka biglang bumulusok pababa yung presyo
  • Streetsmarts – yung klase na magagamit mo para mabuhay sa kalye pag nalugi na lahat ng pera mo sa PSE.
  • McArthur Stock – mga stock na bumabagsak bago tumalbog sa mas mataas na presyo. “I shall return”

There are a lot of Financial Scams in the Philippines. Sadly, many Filipinos gets victimized. Reason? Lack of financial knowledge and most wants Instant Money. Who will forget Multitel (Multinational Telecom Investors Corp.)? Rose Baladjay started it, and it was probably the biggest scam in Philippine history. Approximately two million people invested in this company—which probably reached P100 billion. Multitel was so believable that they lured many military people and police officers to invest their hard earned money in the scam. Multitel promised 4 percent to 5 percent interest a month or 60 percent growth a year! They also offered to double your money in 18 months. This is why when you hear the word pyramid, the first thing that comes to your mind is SCAM. Agree?

A lot of new investors who recently started investing in the stock market are getting curious with other Financial Vehicles that we have in the Philippines and one of the famous financial vehicle is the UITF or the Unit Investment Trust Fund. Few months ago, my friend told me that he really wants to invest in UITF but he is afraid to lose his money when the bank goes bankrupt and closes down. I also saw this question raised in pinoy money talk forum. Unfortunately it was not answered correctly and there are too many incorrect answers so I decided to write this in my blog.

I attended a seminar and my seat mate asked me that question. I was about to answer him, but the seminar resumed from break.

I rarely received questions regarding investing. Why? Because based on the data, only less than 1% of the Filipino population actually invest in stocks, mutual funds, etc. Majority of Filipinos place their money in bank deposits, which earn a measly 0.375% per year.