I received a call from a fellow OFW in Singapore on a rainy midnight just the other day. I'm sleepy already but there's an urgency on his voice. He asked me "Where can I invest?" Not so many friends ask me regarding this question, So I decided to get out of bed and made sure to give time to talk to him regarding the matter. I told him before we proceed, I need to  ask him few questions first, and he agreed.

If you ask a typical OFW what he would want to buy when he have money, the common answers would be House and Car. Most people borrow money just to build their dream house. After the dream house, they will buy expensive appliances, big screen TV, sound systems – the list goes on and will be never ending expenses. Sa liabilities lang napupunta ang pinaghirapan kapalit ng pagwowork ng ilang taon sa ibang bansa. The OFW then is trapped and forced to work overseas, specially if nag loan si OFW to build his house not to mention pa ung pinang bili ng appliances. Once the OFW returns to Pinas after several years of paying utangs for the house and appliances and if he has no passive income. He may need to work again overseas or worst pag may emergency naibebenta pa nla ung bahay nla.

OFW Engineer terminated from work

Are you prepared to return to Pinas?

The salary of a regular wager OFW in Singapore is huge! Even with the expensive cost of living, One can still buy an iPhone, iPad and Designer clothes. For Singapore, sale happens every 3 months, there is always like the ‘Last day Sale’ on malls and of course the yearly Great Singapore Sale and the IT Shows.