Reader’s Question: Advice nyo po sa mga ofw na walang alam pero gustong mag invest?

I was asked a week ago by my reader in Japan regarding investments. I have a soft spot with OFWs since I’m a former OFW in Saudi Arabia and Singapore. I know the hardships and pains working away from home.

So I asked the reader to give me more questions and ask me anything she wants..Here’s her questions:

1.Magkano po initial investment sa COL and pwede ba ako mg invest while in abroad?

You can open an account with COL financial for P5, 000 only and yes, you can open an account even when you are out of the country.

I opened mine ages during my OFW years way back in Singapore.

This is really very easy

1st Go to

2nd Go to Open an Account or click here

3rd Follow the instructions and send the requirements thru a courier. I sent mine thru SingPost or any courier you have there.

Read my article How much do I need to invest in the Stock Market?


2. Do u think COL is a good start for me?

It worked for me, It can work as well for you. But you need to dedicate your time as well like what I did ages ago. I studied Financial literacy by attending on seminars, reading books, watching webinars and even reading blogs like this! 😉

It is really easy to invest but it is easy as well not to invest.

3. Advice nyo po sa mga wlang alam na ofw kagaya ko pero gustong gusto mag invest

For me, that’s okay if you have zero knowledge on Investing. Ako din kasi dati ganyan, but because of my eagerness to learn, I invested in myself first by learning financial literacy

You can visit to learn about Investing and personal finance

4. Want to invest pero paano?

Read books, blogs, attend trainings about the Stock Market or take web courses. Invest in yourself
Visit to learn about Investing and personal finance

Last question, ang hirap po mag invest lalo na’t ngpapadala monthly sa pinas.

Ano po ba pinakamagandang gawin para maging compulsory talaga magsave?

1st you need to know your “WHY” Why do you need to invest?

If you know your why, it will be challenging but you will have the fire to continue what you do in life. Read this article now: What OFW’s don’t tell you about life abroad?

Know your priority.





Follow this Formula and Use the Envelope System



Salary –Savings = Expenses

Say For Example:

20% Investments

20% Remittance

10% Happy fund

20% Rent and utility charges

10% business fund


10%Emergency fund

*play around with the numbers and make this consistent. I use that formula till now and also use the Envelope system (read my article regarding The Envelope System Here)


Also read this article:

OFW Tips: How to save money and be financially free


I know you have a lot of follow up questions! My advice for now is just START! take that first step now!








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