Time, Your Greatest Ally

I have met a lot of individual who are very interested in investing. However, they procastinate and find it hard to start.
One of the most common reason why people are not investing is “I don’t have enough money”.

This problem may have been true but only in the previous decades. Today, it’s very easy to invest specially here in the Philippines. For as low as 5000 pesos, and 1000 pesos thereafter, you could actually start investing for your future. 


You might have already heard the line “The best time to invest is today“. And definitely, there’s no better time to invest than today. There are three main factors needed in investing: Money, Knowledge and Time.

Among the three, I think the most important factor is TIME.

You can never turn back time unlike money which you could earn again, and knowledge that is readily available in the web.

To show you how valuable time is in investing, take a look at the figures below. This is a simulation that I think clearly demonstrates that using the power of time, investment even if for a small amount could help generate wealth.


You will observe that Investor A started investing when he was 21 years old and continued for 10 years.

However, after the 10th year, he was not able to invest again and has forgotten his investment. Investor B on the other hand did not invest until he is 31 years old.

However, unlike Investor A, he continued investing until his retirement age of 65.

In comparison, Investor A alloted a total of 20000 pesos for his investment while Investor B alloted 70000 pesos for his investment.

However when they checked their accounts,

Investor A actually had 985,337.03 pesos


Investor B only had 596,253.61 pesos!!.

Simply because Investor A started 10 years earlier,

he was able to accumulate almost double of Investor B’s wealth.

**Investor B could actually accumulate as much as Investor A but would need to invest around 3300 pesos yearly which is 65% more.

So, why wait if you have the opportunity to invest now and accumulate your wealth? Start now!

“Time is Gold”



Contributor: Jerick Salonga CIS is an IT professional and works on one of the biggest IT firm in the country. He is also a Financial Advocate, a Certified Investment Solicitor and an active Officer of the TGFI

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Nolan Lazaro
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  • mitch jover
    Posted at 09:38h, 14 June Reply

    iam 52 yrs old..and would like to seek your advice as to what financial instruments i could invest in. i have at least 600,000 for investing…can you help me? i await ur reply

    • Jerick Salonga
      Posted at 14:06h, 14 June Reply

      Hi Mitch, thank you for taking the time to read my post. There are a lot of financial instruments available right now in the market. You can choose to invest in stocks, pooled funds, bonds, TD, etc..
      BUT what’s more important is finding the right investment for you. And to do this, the first thing to consider is your objective for investing. Why do you want to invest?
      Also, I would assume that your finances are in order (you can read more of it here).

      You can email me @ [email protected] if you need more detailed advice. Have a great day! 🙂

  • Wilma
    Posted at 10:56h, 18 June Reply

    Pag tinanong ako paano ako nag-iinvest and pag sinabi ko na sa kanila na basahin na muna ung libro na bibigay ko sa knila at sinagot nila sa akin eh wala silang TIME magbasa.. eh di ko agad nirerelpyan.

    They do not have time to learn and I do not want to waste my time sa mga ayaw din matuto..

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